Our story

Since 2012, we have been cultivating exceptional wines of outstanding quality

Four enthusiastic friends with a passion for wine decided over dinner in 2012 to buy three unique vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon. That same evening, soprano Noémie Schellens performed beautiful opera-arias. She inspired us and became the muse of our wines.

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  1. The dinner

    It all starts in 2012. Four friends gathered around a table in a Belgian restaurant, enjoy a fine meal and an exquisite glass of wine. That evening the restaurant organized an opera dinner with the well-known soprano Noémie Schellens. She inspired us and became the muse of our wines.

  2. Vineyards of Noémie Wines in Languedoc-Roussillon

    The beginning of a journey

    In the following weeks and months, various vineyards are purchased: first a parcel in Maury (Grenache), then a piece in Montner (Syrah), and finally a beautiful parcel in Tautavel (Grenache Noir). From then on, the serious work could begin.


    Franck Galangau, the director of the Vignerons d’Agly winery, gave us the freedom to experiment and develop the desired vinification style. It was a unique experience and an absolute dream for the makers. Stéfan Wauters, one of the founders: “I take care of the production in close collaboration with my friend, the oenologist from the Estagel cellar where our wines are vinified (separately from the other wines of this cellar). Every year I travel 6 to 8 times to monitor the different production stages, from the harvest to the bottling of our wines. It’s a Belgian-French project, but still 80% Belgian because the three parcels are ours and the vinification decisions are taken by us.”


    Today, several years later, our wine has received the most renowned awards. The white wine ‘Noémie 2017’ won the ‘Gold Medal’ at Le Concours Général Agricole de Paris, ‘Le Secret de Noémie 2015’ won the ‘Grand Gold Medal’ at Le Concours Mondial 2020 and the red wine ‘Noémie 2016’ received the ‘Grand Gold Medal’ ànd the aspired award ‘The International Revelation’ at Le Concours Mondial 2020. “It is a true pleasure because this project stands close to our hearts. Receiving such renowned awards can only make us happy!”

  3. Our first wine

    Our first wine, Noémie red 2013.

  4. Dinner in the Sky

    Star chefs choose Noémie red and Noémie white as the exclusive wines for all Dinner in the Sky events in Brussels and Antwerp.

  5. Gold medal

    Gold medal for Noémie white at Le Concours Général Agricole de Paris.

  6. Symphony Opera Concert

    Magnificent opera concert of soprano Noémie Schellens accompanied by the ‘Leuven Alumni’ symphony orchestra.

  7. Grand Gold Medals

    Noémie 2016 red wins the ‘Grand Gold Medal’ and the aspired award ‘The International Revelation’ at Le Concours Mondial 2020.

    Additionally, Le Secret de Noémie receives the ‘Grand Gold Medal’ award.

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