Awarded best red wine at le Concours Mondial 2020

Four enthusiastic friends with a passion for wine decided over dinner in 2012 to buy three unique vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon. That same evening, soprano Noémie Schellens performed beautiful opera-arias. She inspired us and became the muse of our wines.
Our mission is to produce exceptional wines of outstanding quality.
At Le Concours Mondial 2020, the red wine ‘Noémie 2016’ was awarded both the ‘Grand Gold Medal’ and the aspired prize ‘The International Revelation’. The red wine ‘Le Secret de Noémie 2015’ also received the ‘Grand Gold Medal’.
“It’s a true pleasure because this project stands close to our hearts. Receiving such renowned awards can only make us happy!”

Vineyards selected for their quality

Our vineyards are located in the heart of the Pyrénées Orientales, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Corbières, Canigou, and Albères. The rough landscape offers a variety of soils, which makes it perfect for viniculture. Each grape is hand-selected and sorted to ensure the best quality.
The vineyard for our Syrah grapes is located at a cooler altitude (350m) near Montner. It presents a beautiful slate bottom and 35-year-old vines.
The Grenache grapes grow on alluvial, red clay soil showcasing a substantial amount of rolled pebbles, just like in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. These vines are at least 50 years old and can be found in Tautavel and Maury.
Since the yield is below 3000 liters per hectare, we can offer a wine of excellent quality.

Secret Events

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Do you recognise this opera-aria?

Listen carefully to the composition… If you recognize the composer and the song’s title, you may leave with 6 bottles of Noémie red. Please note, only the first to guess the correct answer wins the prize. Be quick!

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